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Astrology and How to Find your Big Three

By: Elsa Yang

Many people have a certain amount of knowledge on astrology, but there is a much deeper area surrounding it. Today’s topic is surrounding your sun sign, moon sign, and your ascendant, otherwise known as your rising. These 3 signs help you gain a better understanding of yourself. Now, people may ask: what exactly is a sun sign, a moon sign, and a rising sign?

Your Sun sign is the most common sign that people know about since it is based on your birth month and date. For example, my birthday is on the 28th of February, so that would make me a Pisces, which is my sun sign. You can find your sun sign by searching up your date of birth and seeing what sign that date falls under the category of. When people ask you what your zodiac is, you should tell them this, because it is common to know of. Your sun sign represents you because the sun is the center of the solar system, related to earth.

Your Moon sign isn’t as commonly known as your sun sign. Your moon sign revolves around how you feel, your emotions, fears, etc. Your moon sign is a side that stays hidden to people; just like when it’s daytime, the sun rises up and the moon hides away. The moon sign is basically like showing yourself on a deeper level. To find your moon sign, you need to find out where the moon was when you were born. You will need your birthplace, birth date, and exact birth time to calculate your moon sign. Go on any browser and search up the moon sign calculator, and it should tell you exactly what it is, along with a description of the traits. 

Lastly is your Ascendant, otherwise known as your Rising sign. This sign is how you show yourself to other people, how you dress, what your personality is like around new people, and how you represent yourself. When meeting others for the first time, you’re most likely to act like your rising sign, since it’s like a mask. Same as the moon sign, you need your birthplace, birth date, and exact birth time. Again, searching up the rising sign calculator will give you more information.

These 3 signs are the basics of horoscopes, of course, there are more placements like your Mercury sign, Mars sign, Venus sign, etc. You can look into that by searching up your birth chart, and it may show you a self you’ve never discovered before.

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