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Are You Passionate?

By Cindy Guo

PASSION—what a meaningful yet meaningless word.

During a student’s high school years, the main thing he or she is looking for is a passion. Something that drives them to become their best self. Something that can provide a drive for the rest of their life. This is both a stressful, and self-reflective time. Something that a student might have thought was their “thing” for the rest of their life might eventually prove to not be the path he or she wants to take after all. This is why it is so important to find a passion. And to dig deep and truly figure out if you are passionate about a particular subject.

Passion is not something that should be spewing out of your mouth. Passion is not a sign you hang out your house. Passion is not something you proclaim to the world. Passion most certainly is not a title, or a position. Passion sparks action. You are actively looking for something to do, something to create, and something to improve.

Are you using the excuses of, “I’m busy,” “that’s too ambitious,” “let’s save that for the future”? Here’s breaking news: everyone is just as, if not more, busy as you. Everyone is stressed, and everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. But what are you doing? What are other people doing? “Too ambitious?” “Save it for the future?” Sorry, that’s not passion.

Are you really passionate? Is there something that you just want to and love to do? Is there something that keeps you on your toes at all times? Is there something that just makes your eyes light up? Are you looking for resources? Effectively utilizing the resources you have?

You will never reach your goal if you don’t WORK for it. HOW are you going to reach your goal?

It is important for high school students to take advantage of all the resources they have around them. By joining different clubs and trying out new electives, a student can discover a passion for something new, something that he or she has never tried before. Say that a student always liked writing, and might have considered becoming a journalist in their future. So, that student tried out for an editor’s position in their school newspaper, but didn’t get it. Instead, he or she landed the role of “publicity director.” Although the student might have felt disappointed at first, the student could eventually realize that he or she loved the “communication” aspect of writing, and that “publicity director” was the right position to be in after all.

Passion is hard thing to navigate. And it certainly won’t be easy to discover your passion. However, it is easy to get looped into doing something that you really aren’t passionate about.

So check yourself and be honest: are you really passionate? You owe yourself an honest answer.

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