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To AP or not to AP

By Michael Yang

Many students, especially those in high school, feel pressured by their friends to take as many difficult, challenging classes as they can. If their peers are filling their schedules with Advanced Placement courses, they reason, why shouldn’t they? High school students, however, are different; some are naturally able to handle five AP classes, and others can’t. Therefore, it is important for high school students to know their own limits, and to remember to choose classes based on their own abilities and interests, rather than take as many difficult classes as they can simply because others are as well. Even though your peers are able to handle such difficult classes, you may not, and it is more important to take AP classes in fields that one is interested in, rather than take all of the AP classes that are possible simply because they are there. Thus, it is important for students to know their own limits, and take classes that they are interested in.

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