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Advice for Middle Schoolers

By Lauren Watt

Enjoy these three years! Your grades and the classes you take don’t really affect your future, so make sure to take classes you’re ACTUALLY interested in! Drama, industrial tech, choir, cooking—go take them all. Middle school is the perfect time to try new things like student council, ice skating, ukulele, and maybe even golf!

That being said, even though your middle school grades don’t affect you, be sure not to slack off, especially in core classes like math, science, English, history, and foreign languages. In order to be prepared for high school, you need to develop a good work ethic. If you slack off in math and English, it’ll really bite you in the butt when you head over to high school because everything is cumulative. If you try your best to retain information in your science, history, and language classes, you will find high school classes to be much easier. I remember studying for APUSH, French, and biology with my eighth grade notes; they can come in handy!

However, I’m not saying you should stress yourself out. You SHOULDN’T be stressed out in middle school. IT’S MIDDLE SCHOOL. You should be sleeping no later than 10 PM each day, finding a passion for learning. If you’re struggling with classes and stressing yourself out, find someone to talk to, because middle school should be the easiest, most enjoyable three years of your academic career.

Don’t slack off. Take classes you like. Cherish friends and family.

Go have lunch with your friends, pursue and develop passions, and enjoy family vacations. In high school, you might not have time for that anymore.

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