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Acne’s Demise

Acne, a medical condition despised by teenagers, is mainly caused by damaged fat glands. The pores on the skin and the oil glands of the skin below are connected. These fat glands are responsible for producing sebum (an oily substance). The pores and greasy glands are connected through a channel called a vesicle. Inside the vial, the fat is fed dead skin cells to the skin surface. A slender hair grows the skin from the capsule. When the sebaceous glands are blocked, acne will appear.

Most pimples, as physical manifestations of acne, appear on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulder. Although acne is not a fatal disease, it can cause skin scars that can damage an individual’s self-esteem and cause insecurity, especially for teenagers. Acne is the most common among teenagers and young people. It is estimated that among the ages of 11 to 30 years old, 80 percent of people will have it a certain time.

If you have acne, you should use the following methods to care for the skin:

Carefully cleaning the skin at regular intervals would dramatically reduce any probability of damaging skin cells and fat glands. After morning, evening and strenuous exercise, you should clean your skin with a soft cleanser. However, take caution, as wiping the skin too hard not only has little effect on reducing the pimples, but may increase chances of breakout.

When it is apparent you have acne, try to avoid touching your skin with your hands. Some people like to squeeze or pinch, but don’t realize that it is very easy for bacteria to enter the open wound and skin scars or black spots are more likely to form if dealt with incorrectly. By squeezing pimples, you are actually damaging the flat glands more and increasing oil buildup.

Avoid the sun. Many kinds of medicinal drugs for the treatment of acne can makes it easier to contract a sunburn. Too much sun exposure can make the skin wrinkle, and increase the risk of skin cancer in addition to the painful sunburn.

Acne is a pain to get rid of, but with correct treatment and plenty of waiting, it will naturally recede and repair itself. If you do not carefully treat your skin, acne can just become worse and cause permanent scars. Besides, who doesn’t want to clean their face everyday for a refreshing moment in the treatment process?

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