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About Running

By: Emily Zhang

Running is a good form of exercise to promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

As a beginner, cater to your own pace and goals by setting a specific number of times you run in a week. 3 to 4 days is typically a good number, but it’s customizable to your schedule and overall objective. Create a routine training plan, and increase the frequency of runs gradually. 

In unexpectedly running for a strenuous amount of time, you may very likely injure yourself and temporarily lose motivation for running. If running isn’t your strong suit, there are many free and professional guidelines and tutorials online that can assist in your exercise journey. Specifically, C25k is an app that teaches you how to endure and run a 5k. Thousands of success stories further prove the results achieved from this app. C25K is one of the millions of apps on the market that provide consumers with friendly user experience, and help yield amazing results. 

According to the Medium, the best time to run is in the late afternoon. During that time, your body has reached an ideal core temperature, breathing capacity is maximized, and helps with resistance training as well. Though it keeps you energized, it may hinder your sleep schedule. However, running in the late afternoon/evening has a plethora of benefits compared to its one cost.  

To prepare for a run, sources suggest that you drink water, stretch, and have a snack to gain more energy to prolong your exercise time. Post-run, it’s suggested to eat various foods packed with protein, for example, eggs or yogurt. If you want to build muscle, you can add additional protein powder within the time that you exercise. Remember that stretching is a vital part before and after the exercising process; to avoid injuries and make exercising a more enjoyable experience, it’s strongly recommended by medical professionals to stretch. 


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