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A Time to be Grateful

By: Eileen Guo

With the rapid spread of the global pandemic — the coronavirus — also deemed COVID-19, people have been hurriedly stressing over college applications, homework, and the cancellation of important events such as graduation. Though I’m going through similar feelings, I think that this is a time in which we can take time to ourselves to be grateful. Personally, I’m grateful for the time I get to spend with my family, and the fact that I am still able to talk with my friends, do what I love, and even pick up a new hobby. I never get to converse with my parents during the school week because the moment I get home, I have homework to do, and they have work to finish. I also rarely get the chance to talk to my sister because she is studying abroad in London. This virus has physically brought us together and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Being in quarantine and having to maintain social distance also makes us reminisce on the little freedoms we used to enjoy on a daily basis: being able to go outside and walk, go over to a friends house, or shake someone’s hand. This time is when we can connect back to our roots and remember what’s truly important to us. 

It’s also imperative to remember that thousands of people have been affected by this virus. This small family of RNA viruses that compose the coronavirus has raised many questions for scientists and everyday people. Though we may not completely know what’s going on around us, I think that this period of time is testing our trust — the trust that everything will pass and this will just be a distant memory. 

Personally, I’ve had a negative mindset ever since high school started. No matter the situation, I would think up the worst case scenario and I always looked at the worst side in people. With this time off from school, it’s made me realize how grateful I am to be surrounded by my loving family, have the opportunity and resources to study at home, and get to reimmerse myself in the things I loved doing. 

Chances are we’re not going back to school until next August. Instead of living life like it’s the end of the world, find what you’re most grateful for and appreciate it. Though it’s impossible to meet friends face to face, there are always ways in which you can interact with them online. Rapid advancements in technology have given us this opportunity to communicate; additionally, medicine such as antibiotics and anti-viruses have begun to develop at a rate that’s never been seen before. So stay hopeful, because the virus is just a blessing in disguise. 

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