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A Beijing High School Student’s Take on Studying Abroad

Muzhi Liu


Muzhi: Hi everyone. This is Muzhi Liu in RDFZ, the high school affiliated to the Renmin University of China. Today with me is a student at Tsinghua University. Hi, Johnson. Thanks for your time and willingness to be here to answer my questions. Now there are many US universities which are easier to enter than Tsinghua University, and it’s more prestigious than Tsinghua, right?

Johnson: Yes.

Muzhi: So, why Tsinghua?

Johnson: We Chinese can now afford the cost of going to the US to go to the university, but the biggest problem is that I think it’s hard to fit with the foreign lifestyle. I have to abandon what I have now, say farewell to my friends. I could feel really homesick in a nation I am totally unfamiliar with. That is what I cannot stand.

Muzhi: OK. I see. But there are still lots of students who go abroad to pursue education. What do you think of them?

Johnson: Some go aboard to look for new ways to serve our country, and some go on their behalf for their own success. However, after doing that, many sink into their own predicament. Cultural differences can be an obstacle, which can prevent them from making friends and fitting in with the new environment. Many have difficulties dealing with their curricular work, as well. They soon just forget about their initial wish of going abroad because of those difficulties. Some overcome, but some even commit suicide.

Muzhi: Ok. I see. The trend of going abroad could be a reflection of the revolutionary changes in our society that cause us to be concerned about ways leading to the superior material well-being life. With financial backup, our students just have more choices to pursue their further education. Some go abroad, but there are still some students who hold antipathy towards those going abroad. Some students just want to expand their realm of knowledge outside their homeland. Those who leave home always have the resolution to succeed or wish to serve their country. Though they need to face lots of difficulties, always those who undergo challenges can finally succeed. And it is those people that make a significant contribution to our country.


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