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4 Reasons School is Good

By Iris Yuan

More often than not, the thought of school brings groans and fake crying. We’re so used to associating school with bad feelings that we don’t even think about the benefits of school. Although high schoolers now may groan in dismay at the prospect of waking up at 7 every morning, the benefits they reap from school are endless.


Here are four of many reasons why school is beneficial:


  1. Stating the most obvious one first; you learn. This is very broad. Not only do you broaden your knowledge academically, but you also raise self-awareness about social cues and mental facility. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the burden of school: too much homework, maintaining friends, and being participatory in class can be stressful to deal with daily. But aside from that, if you take a step back and look generally at your learning, it’s actually pretty great. Not to mention, essentially free for public schools. Also, studying can help you realize your limits and make you more aware of yourself.


  1. In terms of social life, school is a great way to make friends, whether it’s through your classes, joining clubs, or just by running into people in the hallways. For the most part, your school friends will become some of the main people in your network of support. These relationships built could last throughout your entire life, and the memories created with your friends can be indelible.


  1. Whether you are aware of it or not, school is preparing you for the rest of your life. As mentioned before, you are developing necessary cognitive skills to do well in life. You gradually learn how to hone your work ethic and connect classroom skills developed to real life applications.


  1. Finally, school spirit! What would school be without class pride and dress up rallies? These fun activities always bring a smile to my face. They also prove that school isn’t just about the boring stuff, but that school can be fun as well! School spirit activities can bring the whole school together in a shouting, laughing bunch.


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