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220 Beehives Burnt in Malta


According to The Times of Malta, around 220 beehives were found intentionally burnt in the last few days, between areas Għarb and Għasri in Gozo. Damage estimating around €12,000 and intentionally killing over 250,000 bees, these vandals are condemned for environmental destruction as well as for attacking a private business.
Bees play a vital role in numerous ecosystems by pollinating many plants. Research shows that one-third of the human food supply relies directly on the pollination of plants by birds, bats, and insects (primarily bees). Urbanization and widespread pesticide use has decreased the US bee population dramatically from 1972 to 2006 and face the risk of extinction. In addition, a virus and fungus Nosema Ceranae has also been killing off many bees. Although farmers are now finding alternative solutions to substitute bee losses, humans are still reliant on bees for pollination and food.

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