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​​How to Study for a Test

By: Elsa Yang

Studying can be annoying sometimes, but it is needed to pass a test. While it isn’t easy, this guide may help you study and give you tips.

The first thing you should do is try to study a week before the test, as soon as possible. Take your time to plan out what you’re studying each day. By studying earlier, you have more time to review for the upcoming test, and the more you can memorize all the facts you’re being tested on.

Second thing is that you should bring out your notes and write them down and make flashcards. Making flashcards is a very efficient way to remember terms that you aren’t familiar with. Writing what you have learned down in a Google document and summarizing all your notes can be especially useful, as it will help you by organizing your notes into one document.

Another thing if you want to fully memorize your notes, is to read them out loud to other people like you’re performing on stage. What I like to do is take stuffed animals and use them as my audience, using my notes and delivering a speech to them about what I’m being tested on. I also like to repeat words and sentences in my head. I find this to be really efficient when it comes to memorizing a formula or some kind of fact.

Your surroundings are very important when it comes to studying. For me, I always try to find a quiet and clean space like the library. When I’m at my house, my room is messy so I feel annoyed and I don’t want to concentrate on my studies. What I do is go to the library after school and study there, as it’s very quiet and doesn’t disrupt study sessions.

Everyone’s studying methods are different, don’t rush and take your time to find what is right for you. I wish you the best of luck on your test.

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